Starting from 2006, TEXSMART team has been a pioneer in the smart textile field. Based in Taiwan, our mission is to bridge the gap of computing power and practical clothing. In the new era of smart garments, only a team with cross-industry expertise can deliver outstanding interactive clothing solutions that can meet or exceed  textile and consumer electronics industry standards. TEXSMART was  formed by an seasoned team full of experience in material science, textile manufacturing, and IT. 

TEXSMART is proud to present the TEXSMART Heating Solution & TEXSMART Fabric Earphones as our first two commercialized and scalable products. Both products embody the leadership in innovation that the TEXSMART team is capable of. In the future, we will devout our R&D effort to develop wearable battery, touch fabric, self-powered fabric and much more. 

With such leading edge knowledge of manufacturing techniques and applications for smart textiles, TEXSMART is poised to revolutionize the fashion and designer outwear sectors. We envision a future where all mankind wears his or her computer instead of carrying them and we challenge you to join us on this journey to make this future a reality.


Mith Fan - Founder & CEO

Mith is a serial entrepreneur with successful exit. Starting his career from digitalizing supply chain management for construction conglomerate, Mith has accumulated more than 20 years experience in the Information Technology industry. The first company he founded was acquired by Hua Kang Fonts. Later on, he found a digital publishing company that eventually became the official technical support center of Adobe Taiwan operation. In between his entrepreneurial projects, he worked for ASUS and Pegatron. There, he invented the world’s smallest military tablets that sold to defense apartments around the world. During that time, he dived into the smart textile field due to the new material he discovered along the way. In 2012, he left ASUS to pursue his dream of inventing wearable computer. After many years of endeavor, he finally led the team to bring TEXSMART Thread to market. He would love to connect with people who have passion in smart textile and further work together to perfect the technology together.